Oomami Brand Story

This is some copy I wrote for a client’s brand story/about us page:

Food and drinks have always been a means of bringing people together. Whether you’re catching up with old friends, hashing out the details of a new business, or meeting someone for the first time, a great meal and glass of wine make these experiences extraordinary.

We’re social creatures and we crave meeting new people and strengthening our current relationships. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially when organizing a gathering around food and drinks. Planning a simple dinner can quickly turn into a dragged out conversation, scheduling conflicts, and unavailable reservations  – making it challenging.
At Oomami, we understand what you want; delicious food and memorable experiences organized seamlessly. We’re simplifying the planning process so you can spend less time deciding where you want to go and more time with the people who matter to you. We believe arranging a meal should be as easy as ordering a pizza or choosing which song to play next. At Oomami, we’re food connoisseurs with a passion for bringing people together. We understand that while food is great, it’s even better when shared with people you care about…because life is better together.

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