Staying Sane in Insane Times

This week is the week that Republican National Convention is happening, which means that inevitably there is a constant stream of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and all other sorts of fuckery in the news cycle. As a sane, rationally thinking person and a minority, times like these can be emotionally taxing and can serve as a reminder of how backwards our country can be. Luckily, I’ve come up with some ways to cope with these times, stay sane, and most importantly, not chop an ignorant motherfucker in the neck. Here are some of my tips:

DIS-FUCKING-CONNECT: For the next week your Facebook, Twitter, and sources of news will be full of ignorance and quotes from really terrible humans saying awful, backwards, counterproductive, and possibly evil things.  It is perfectly fine to take this week off from staying up to date on the news. I’m writing this piece on Tuesday evening and there has already been more idiotic things said this week than the entirety of last week, and A LOT of dumb shit was said last week. Sometimes, for your own sake and for the sake of people around you, you have to disconnect from all the foolishness. There is nothing to be ashamed of in doing so, you gotta take care of number 1 first.

SHUT OUT THE BAD GUYS: Similar to step 1, sometimes you gotta cut the negative viewpoints out of your life. We all have that one friend, let’s call him Cliff, who we either played on some team with or were in a club with who we don’t really fuck with that hard but we’re still Facebook friends with because he requested you and you felt guilty not saying yes to. That was 3 years ago, and you didn’t even like dude then. Now it turns out homie is a super conservative, kinda definitely borderline racist, toolbag. Guess what? College was years ago and this dude actually doesn’t matter AT ALL in your life now. Cut him the fuck out. Don’t even go the polite route and unfollow him, UNFRIEND his ass. With all the stress and important stuff you already have to deal with, you’re not obliged to listen to or engage with someone’s awful backwards rhetoric.

GET OUTSIDE: Go outside, stand in the sun, and just feel the warmth of it radiate upon your beautiful skin. Despite what the RNC might say, you’re a wonderful, beautiful, important person. The sun knows that. Get outside and feel the kiss of its wonderful radiance and let that shit soak in. Go for a hike. play some sports, go fishing, or just sit outside and read a book. While our country might be indulging in ignorant fuckery right now, nature isn’t racist, homophobic, misogynist, or any other type of backwards. Nature loves you. Go commune with the Earth.

WATCH THE BOONDOCKS: In times where craziness is the norm, I like to watch The Boondocks to ground myself. This series analyzes the USA’s race relations and societal peculiarities and complexities through the lens of two young black kids who grew up in inner-city Chicago and then moved to the Whitest of White Suburbs. Through the experiences of the main characters, Huey, Riley, and Grandpa, we are exposed to many of the double standards, absurd policies, and all around ridiculousness that is the embodiment of every day life in America. Watch 4 episodes of The Boondocks and you’ll have no problem laughing in a racist dickwad’s face as they spew hatefulness at you. Seriously though, thank you so much Aaron MacGruder for creating The Boondocks, that show is the reason why I was able to make it through Sophomore year of college.

GRAB SOME POPCORN – This might seem counter-intuitive given this entire post is about avoiding the nonsense and giant shitshow that is the RNC, but some of the best therapy might actually be watching it. I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. The Republican party is currently collapsing in on itself and watching all this foolishness happen is actually quite entertaining. If you can somehow stomach the ignorant, backwards, utterly nonsensical rhetoric being spewed at the convention and turn off the logical part of your mind for a second, you may be able to appreciate the comedic spectacle that is the Republican Party.

Take some time and look at real people argue the best way to casually deport 11 million people. Kick your feet up and chuckle at white people debating what’s actually wrong with the black community while defending police who use excessive force because they’re “put in tough situations where there are no easy outcomes”. I listened to Trump’s son’s speech last night and although I almost had an aneurysm listening to him speak, it was actually quite entertaining to hear how delusional this person is.

If you can somehow suspend logical thinking, you may find yourself watching the greatest comedic spectacle of the decade.

Hopefully these strategies can help you cope with the absurd reality of living through the Republican National Convention. This is by no means a cure-all and unfortunately there is no way to tune out all the ridiculousness, but I hope these tips will make your life a little less awful this week.



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